“Whistler” is an audio notification tool for exchange rate fluctuations

Exchange website: Pair: Segment length %

3 When the exchange rate will be higher than
2 When the exchange rate will be higher than
1 When the exchange rate will be higher than
CURRENT EXCHANGE RATE: Updated: 0 seconds ago
1 When the exchange rate will be lower than
2 When the exchange rate will be lower than
3 When the exchange rate will be lower than

Looping sound notification
If the option is enabled, the audio signal will play every 10 seconds until \"Whistler\" will be turned off. If disabled the signal will play only once with the following checkers highlighted but no sound.

You should understand that:
-your internet connection might be interrupted- the “Whistler” will stop
-if refreshing browser tab - your settings will be droped
-if you close the tab – no signal will be played
-if exchange website’s API is down - the same as above
- our servers can be down. This happens, but very rarely – no sound will be heard also.
Therefore, we cannot hold the responsibility for lacking notifications at the right time.

But in any case we didn’t had any complains so far.

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What is that?
\ It’s a special tool that questions every 10 seconds exchange websites for current exchange rates and makes a sound when values do not correspond.

Who needs this and for what purpose?
Everyone who wants to break away from the scrutiny of watching candles with glasses during trading and switch to another browser tab, check the mail, etc. In other words, make time for doing something else.

How to use?
You can set the segment length in % of the current exchange rate and the values in the forms and will be refreshed and renewed.

For example: if you set to 10% and the current rate is 10, then the ascending values for the checker will be: 13-12-11 and 9-8-7 for descending values.

You can set by hand the values you need, but take into account that changing the trading pair or setting the segment length will drop your existing settings.

Useful in case of flat trading - the tool will signal that the cryptocurrency market has begun to move

Check the break of all 3:

Enter in the top 3 fields an exchange rate value that is lower than the current one or enter in the bottom 3 fields a value that is higher than the current one. Within 10 seconds the informer will signal.

If you have any ideas / suggestions / bugs when working with this feature, please contact us and we’ll discuss and solve the issue.