Introducing Cryptosteel: The World’s Safest Cold Wallet Storage

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Introducing Cryptosteel: The World’s Safest Cold Wallet Storage

Poland based start-up Cryptosteel is taking Bitcoin key storage to a whole new level of safety. Cryptosteel is an offline cold wallet solution that allows you to record your private data and avoid having to share it with a third­-party. Cryptosteel touts itself as the indestructible, stainless-steel wallet that lets you safely store your Bitcoins worry-free. Also Read:  Burst: Decentralized File Storage – Exclusive Interview Founder Wojciech Stopinski has combined his passion for Bitcoin and his skills in metalwork and design into  Cryptosteel. Cryptosteel makes cold­ storage technology easily available to all Bitcoin users, requiring no online interaction, electricity or hardware tools. Cryptosteel: Simple Yet Secure Cryptosteel is the world’s safest cold wallet ever created. For Bitcoin users, this device is perfect for storing sensitive password information and it is also very simple and easy to use. Its simplistic design is actually what makes Cryptosteel so powerful. It requires no outside sources, and therefore you are in full control of your Bitcoins. As long as Cryptosteel remains in your possession, your Bitcoins are safe. Cryptosteel contains 3 stainless steel sheets, one of which contains punchable engraved letters and numbers. You can create your wallet within minutes, simply by punching out the engraved pieces by hand and sliding them into the stainless steel container. Features Private, off-line storage for private keys and passwords Hand-crafted,...

Date of publication:
19 March 2015 23:00

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