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Currently we do not allow independent publishing of news, cryptocurrencies, new exchange websites, etc. to our users. Everything is published by us manually and on request, so you should send a letter with your request here:

Please do not leave requests in your comments as they will be ignored. Send a letter instead.


To add news feeds from cryptocurrency related blogs and websites send:

- Website URL

- Feedburner or RSS URL

-brief information about yourself and about the website

Websites unrelated to cryptocurrency will not be published


To add a new cryptocurrency send:

-As much information as you can on this cryptocurrency. If there are transactions involving this cryptocurrency on exchange websites and references on major forums - mention this in the letter.

-briefly describe yourself (what is your relationship to the new coin - developer, promoter, just a passing by user, etc.)


To add a cryptocurrency exchange website:


-URL with a description of API, if any.

-text about how good you are (will be published).

-briefly about yourself


If you need to/ can / want to / add something else, please contact us – we’ll discuss.

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